Often Lies Can Be Disease

Almost everyone has ever told lies or lies. But if the habit of lying is difficult to stop, or has become part of a person's personality traits, then often lying is one of the characteristics of psychological disorders. There are various reasons for someone to lie, ranging from avoiding bad feelings, feeling more valued, or making others feel impressed. There are also types of lies that are often referred to as lies for good (white lies). In general, all kinds of lies have bad consequences. Medically, there are several things that are thought to play a role in causing why someone becomes lying often, such as abnormalities in the brain due to physical injury or birth defects. Psychologically, often lying can be a marker of mental disorders, such as personality disorders and obsessive disorders. Lying Signs Experts believe that someone who lies can be recognized through expressions on the face that are not realized. The expression is moved by the muscles around the eyebrows, fo
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